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The Solution to Sinkholes

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

(Don't get sunk)

Seeing a sinkhole around your home or on your property isn't fun - but it's not necessarily as dire a problem as you may think. Sinkholes are just something that can happen here in Florida due to our soil and ecosystem - they are a tradeoff of living in the Sunshine State.

If you see a sinkhole on your property - even if you are super handy - you should contact a professional sinkhole repair team (we are partial to Laielli Construction), and do it quickly. An experienced sinkhole remediation team will leverage geotechnical knowledge of Florida’s terrain and an understanding of engineering to properly diagnose the challenges surrounding your specific sinkhole and come up with a solution that works for your unique situation.

Because even though one sinkhole may not look too different from another sinkhole, the truth is differences in soil, terrain, and construction can call for vastly different approaches and solutions. What are those solutions? Glad you asked.

  • Compaction Grouting Compaction grouting allows us to stabilize the soil under your home and fill in sinkholes that may have formed. We use specialized equipment (like a limited access drill) to add a thick mixture of cement and grout deep into the soil and increase the load the soil can bear. This mixture permeates the voids in the soil to maximize the density, fills the hole to erase the damage, and seals the top of the limestone layer to steel it against future complications.

  • Void Filling Void filling allows us to lift and repair the concrete slabs on your property that could be or have been affected by a sinkhole. The process of void filling pushes a high-strength structural polyurethane foam beneath concrete slabs or behind below-grade concrete structures through the use of a pump. This polyurethane material floods any empty spaces and steadies the concrete against any outside forces. Void Filling lets us cover a large area in a small amount of time and with minimal disruption - and ensure all the soil below the concrete is dense and sturdy.

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